Time for a pop quiz: All of these players are featured in “Club 50.” How many can you name?

1.      This Nortonville Cardinal holds the single-game scoring record in the state. Who is he and how many points did he score?

2.      This Weskan Coyote was a two-time All-American while playing at Ft. Hays. In high school, he had a 50 point game. Name him!

3.      These two Kansas City (Kansas) Bulldogs combined for 162 points in one game. The final score was unbelievable!!! Who were these stars and why is their team a “first” in Kansas history?

4.      This Axtell Eagle once scored 54 points in a game. He now is a nationally known sports photographer. Trust me, you have seen his work many, many times. Who is he?

5.      This Alexander Whippet was proudly “the fourth smartest kid in his class.” His class had four kids!! He also scored 50 points against McCracken back in 1957. Can you name this “academic wiz?”

6.      This Salina Central Mustang was the “Man amongst Boys.” He also was a High School All-American. Who is he?

7.      The Waverly Bulldogs had three separate players (the most of any featured school) who once scored 50 or more points in a single game. Can you name any of these players?

8.      This Smoky Valley Viking (Lindsborg) once scored 32 consecutive points for his team. Earlier in his career, he scored 57 points in one game. Name him!

9.      This McLouth Bulldog twice scored over 50 points in a game. He also had six 40 point efforts and is the state’s fourth all-time career scoring leader. Name him!

10.  This Hill City Ringneck held a state tournament scoring record for 36 years. Earlier, he scored 53 points in one game. Name him!

11.  This Buhler Crusader was the first documented Kansas player to score over 60 points in a game (1921). His brother had two 50-point efforts. Can you name these brothers?

12.  This Colony Cub became just the third documented player in the state to score 60 points in a game. Who was he?

13.  This Emporia Spartan once scored 52 points in one game against Abilene. He was later named an All-American. Can you name him?

14.  This Formoso Falcon unofficially scored 1,029 points in one season. That included a 52 point game. Who was he?

15.  This Milford Panther once scored 55 points in one game. As a player, you could trust him: He was a “Doctor!” Who was he?

16.  This Shawnee Mission East Lancer is the top single-game scorer in the history of the Dodge City Tournament of Champions. Who is he and how many points did he score?

17.  This Ell-Saline Cardinal (Brookville) once scored 55 points against Bennington. During the year he was both All-State in football and basketball and also claimed state titles in the long jump. Can you name him?

18.  This Valley Falls Dragon once scored 51 points in a game against Royal Valley. He later played for Wichita State and was involved in a legendary college game in the state’s history. KU fans remember him: Do you?

19.  This Winchester Eagle scored 61 points in one game. Seven days later, he literally was “brought back from the dead.” It is an amazing and frightening story! Who is he?

20.  A real toughie: This Green Hornet once scored 50 points in a game against Cleburne, Kansas. Who is this player and where is Cleburne today? (Hint: Cleburne was literally “up a Creek without a paddle”).

21.  This Uniontown Eagle is the ONLY known boy to have back-to-back 50 point games. Can you name him?

22.  This Clayton Bulldog scored 56 points in one game. He concluded his high school career as one of the first boys to ever score over 2,000 points. Name him!

23.  The Osawatomie Trojans had two players featured in Club 50. No Lynn Dickey here: Can you name these two stars?

24.  This Roxbury Lion twice topped the 50 point mark including a 55 point effort in four overtimes! Who was this Lion?

25.  The Prescott Hornets had two players top the 50 point mark. They are relatives: Do you know their names?

26.  This Utica Dragon once scored 55 points in a game. His opponents scored 44! Who was this Dragon?

27.  This Hanover Wildcat tied for the top scoring average in the state (32.3/game) in 1989. He had a 50 point game. Name him!

28.  In 2009, this Oxford Wildcat scored 50 points in one game. He had 44 at the half! Who was he?

29.  The Cassoday Longhorns had two players top the 50 point mark. Can you name them?

30.  This Clifton-Clyde Eagle once scored 59 points in a game. He forgot a key piece of equipment that night and had to borrow from a teammate. Who was the Eagle?

EXTRA CREDIT: This Horton Charger once scored 52 points in a game. It later turned out to be a “hair-raising” event in the school. Do you know this Charger?