Club 50

"Club 50" is a new book that celebrates the stories of Kansas high school boys' basketball players who scored 50-or-more points in a single game. The hard-bound, 170-page book details the basketball lives of 72 players (from 62 schools) who had these amazing games. Beginning with the 1921 season, each player's unique story is told. Individual and team photos are included as is statistical information for each featured "point-machine!"

In addition, the books lists 565 players (from 272 schools) who scored 40-or-more points in one game. Who is your school's single-game scoring leader? Chances are the answer can be found in "Club 50!"

Finally, the book contains and interview with the national single-game record holder. His 135 points scored on January 26, 1960, tops the charts but he has high praise for his colleagues in the Sunflower State!

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