1.       Jack Gardner was born in New Mexico but was a star basketball player at what Southern California University?

2.       Gardner’s first high school coaching job produced two championship teams in two seasons. Can you name that California High School?

3.       From high school, Gardner moved on to coach championship teams at what California Junior College?

4.       Gardner arrived at Kansas State in the summer of 1939.  What conference did the Wildcats belong to? 

5.       In Gardner’s first encounter with Kansas Jayhawk coaching legend Phog Allen, the Cats lost 34-33.  In the game, Gardner used a new defense that few had seen.  Can you describe this unusual defense (Hint:  A hockey goalie will help you)?

6.       Gardner’s first recruiting class of 1940 was dubbed “the Fab Five.”  Can you name any of these players (Hint:  One player later became an All-American at Oklahoma)?

7.       In 1940-41, Kansas State fans were desperate for a new field house.  Fans routinely sat in the rafters of their tiny gymnasium and over-flow crowds were common. What was the name of this tiny gymnasium?  Who was the gym named after?

8.       In 1942, after three seasons in Manhattan, Gardner left K-State.  Why?

9.       In 1946, Gardner returned to K-State.  This Hoisington, Kansas, high school star was one of his first big recruits.  He would become Gardner’s second All-American?  Who is he? Later in life, our All-American campaigned for what state political office?

10.   On January 20, 1947, K-State defeated Rockhurst College, 51-44.  That win began a streak that continues to this day.  What is the streak?

11.   Who was Gardner’s first All-American at K-State (Hint:  He was the star on the ’48 team that qualified for the school’s first Final Four)?   Can you name the four teams of the ’48 Final Four?

12.   The’48 season saw Gardner hire a new assistant coach.  Today, he is a Hall of Fame Coach who collects championship rings!  Who is he?  He has a nickname: What is his real first name?

13.   On February 5, 1948, “the Father of K-State athletics died.”  This legend hired Jack Gardner. Who was he and what building is named for him?

14.   The 1949 team featured two future All-Americans:  One from Hoisington (see question 9) and one from Wellington.  Name the Wellington star?

15.   At the end of the 1950 season, KU, K-State and Nebraska all tied for the league title.  Only one team could advance into the NCAA playoffs.  Despite having the best record, K-State did not go. Can you relate the unusual circumstances that allowed KU to go to the NCAA Tournament?

16.   K-State’s ’51 team (the school’s greatest ever) lost the national championship game to what school? 

17.   In 1952, this Wamego native became the last Wildcat All-American for Jack Gardner. Can you name him?

18.   The ’52 team also saw the first African-American player to attend K-State on a basketball scholarship.  Name this player, who was nicknamed “The Jet”?

19.   In 1953, Gardner became embroiled in a controversy involving what legendary basketball team? 

20.   Gardner left K-State after the ’53 season. He went to what University?  Who replaced Gardner at K-State?

21.   What was Gardner’s overall record at K-State?

Extra Credit:  Who called Gardner “the Boy Wonder Coaching Marvel in Manhattan?”

All of the answers to these questions can be found in “It’s Time to Play!”