1.       From 1952-68, Kansas had four classifications of high schools.  You know one but can you name the other three?

2.       The first BB Champion was the Brookville Cardinals.  Who was their “hitchhiking” star player?

3.       The ’53 Champions were the Burns Hornets.  In the state championship game, 55 fouls were whistled. How many free throws were attempted?

4.       The Burdett Tigers won the ’54 title. They were led but what future coaching legend?

5.       In 1955, the title resided in Montezuma.  Fans of the Indians gave the team a “special salute” as they returned home from the state tourney.  What was that salute?

6.       The Dorrance Cardinals claimed the ’56 title by defeating what team?

7.       The 1957 Tescott Trojans ended the year with a record of 29-0.  Today, they are a member of what Hall of Fame?

8.       In 1958, the Rolla Pirates won the crown.  What undefeated team did they beat in the title game?

9.       In 1959, the Rozel Tigers were Class BB Champions.  In 1960, they also won a state basketball championship in what other class (Hint:  This accomplishment helped them become a Hall of Fame Team)?

10.   The Quenemo Buffaloes won the crown in 1960.  There star player still holds a scoring record to this day.  What is the record?

11.   The 1961 Wilsey Wildcats claimed the title with the help of “a beard, a barber and a Dodge City good luck charm.”  What was this all about?

12.   Winona claimed the title in 1962.  Earlier in the year, one of their games was postponed for perhaps the most unusual reason.  What was it?

13.   The ’63 Durham Hornets were undefeated champions and today are in what Hall of Fame?

14.   The ’65 title came home to what city (Hint:  Strength certainly helps)?

15.   The ’66 and ’67 titles were captured by what school? The ’66 team is also a member of a Hall of Fame as well.

16.   The last BB title resided in what Western Kansas town?

17.   Extra Credit:  One of the most popular movies of recent years was “Hoosiers.”  This BB Champion can lay claim to being “the Kansas version of the movie.” Name the school, the opponent and the tournament where this monumental upset occurred?

All of the answers can be found in “TITLE TOWNS.”